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    Filter error importing SVG into FM10


      We generally use EPS to import into our FM documents but because of some issues we are having with some images exporting from Corel to EPS (seems to be a postscript issue), we are trying to migrate to a different format. Using SVG should be a good option since we get some models (from drawings) from our customers in this format.


      When importing I get a filter error. This is the first time we've tried this and doing research, I cannot find this exact problem. Perhaps my export/save as settings from CorelDraw need to be tweaked?




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          Tech Comm Tools Adobe Community Professional

          I've stayed away from CorelDraw EPS since the early 90's because of odd PS issues.


          What about saving as PDF?

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            Bob Niland (Error 7103) Level 4

            If you have full Acrobat Pro or Illustrator, you can export from Corel to PDF, then set up a batch process to convert PDF to EPS for import.


            We do this (using Illustrator, PDFs from multiple sources not including Corel), but only because PDF import is unstable in our FM7.x production environment.

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              Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              YMMV, I've had the complete opposite experience. I've never had properly prepared EPS file from Corel Draw give me problems in any of my publications going to press.


              What sort of issues are you having with the Corel Draw generated EPS files? What are the options that you are using to export the EPS? What options are you using when you export SVG?

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                sdhutchison Level 1

                We've been using eps for years to import into FM and have no problem until recently. If it's files we have done in house, we have no problems. We have begun getting graphics models from an outside company in SVG or CGM format (originally created in AutoCad or other engineering software) and when we export to EPS using the same filter as always, we get extraneous lines. Especially in circles. During the export process it appears that Corel is connecting end point of half circles. This has also happened with some vendor supplied graphics (in CDR form).


                Making a PDF directly from Corel is not an option because it does the same thing (I am attempting to attach a excerpt from a pdf I just made). You can see the lines cutting through the circles, or cutting across the cornter. These lines also appear when printed to a postscript printer.


                I can save the CDR as an AI and then open in Illustrator CS5 and save as an EPS and I don't have the problem. But that adds a step that I would like to get rid of if possible. I am also attaching a screen shot of my output setting for EPS. We've always used the standard settings, but can change these if it will fix this issue.  Lots of ways around this, but I have to think about our end product and the customer who will be printing this.


                Thanks for the help.


                1-3.jpgEPS screen shot.jpgEPS screen shot 2.jpg

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                  Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  It looks like there might be an issue going from CAD > Corel Draw > EPS where the Corel Draw CAD import filter perhaps is not properly interpreting the half-circle objects or they were incorrectly created in the first place (especially if it's coming from an outside source and you never problems doing it in-house)? I also would suggest setting th EPS Export to do a Postscript Level 3. Otherwise, everything else looks OK.


                  If you have Illustrator, then why are you going through Corel Draw for the EPS?  Do you get the same half-circle issues if you import and export from AI. Note: don't directly import the AI file into FM: it's a pseudo-PDF format with additional internals for AI use - I'd recommend export as EPS from AI, since FM has to internally convert back to EPS from PDF anyways, so you save an additional filtering step.


                  Have you tried using the original CAD formats (or are these simplified by the clients prior to creating the files transferred to you)? You can directly create PDFs from many of these CAD formats that can be used in FM. Minimizing the number of conversions from source to the final graphic used in FM should also help minimize the chances for mis-interpretations along the way by the various graphics applications.

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                    Bob Niland (Error 7103) Level 4

                    > .... or they were incorrectly created in the first place ...


                    I tend to concur on that. I've seen this before, but don't recall the precise details.


                    What it looks like (dating myself here) goes back to early days of pen plotters. If the pen lift solenoid failed (and they did), the pen would draw a line between the end of one completed line and the beginning of the next in the display list. Think: Etch-a-Sketch.


                    As I recall when I ran into this, an engineer had saved or printed some line art from Pro-E directly to a PDF. On opening in Illustrator, and saving to EPS, it looked OK. On import to FM, the preview had all line endpoints connected, and was a useless mess. It rendered to PDF without the artifact, however.


                    The process now is to print from Pro-E to generic Postscript, then open that in Illustrator; no Etch-a-Sketch.

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                      FieryPantone Level 3

                      > … Pro-E to generic Postscript  Aha! tried to find out from Pro-E what output formats they supported, complete lack of response … Armed with this tip, I'll feel more confident about approaching the draughtsmen in their lair

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                        Tech Comm Tools Adobe Community Professional

                        So these are coming from CAD?


                        There's a great workflow for incorporating 3d into FM and PDF, but if you want only the static image, look for options to produce the PDF directly from Pro-E or whatever CAD application your engineers are using.


                        For examples of placed 3d, see the Getting Started Guide



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