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    Elements 10. Windows 7. Alastair Omand

    Alastair Omand

      With Elements open the screen shows - 5138 items/18 not shown (I have no idea why). Click Edit/Preferences/Backup Synch - response, ERROR IN OPENING. Click Backup Synch Key (at bottom of screen) FILES shows 27 albums (there are 28). Click Not Backed up, shows OK. Click Files Pending, shows 6 of 28 pending. Click Preferences, shows Error in Opening. Click Status, shows Desktop Photo's In Synch with Online. Albums Panel, shows my 28 albums & 5 marked as pending (actually in my Gallery) & 1 marked as pending (not in my Gallery) but I have attempted uploadind several times. At the top right hand side of the screen "Welcome Alastair".When I click on it & enter my password the response is "Incorrect Password" Going on line via Google my same password is ok, my albums. 27 of them are OK & viewable, but I cannot upload the 28th. Whereas all of these problems are livable inconviences, I am very concerned about the upcoming shift over to Revel. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Al.