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    Citrix/Sharepoint Issues

    MeWrite Level 1
      We have some authors working off site. I was informed today that they log into the network via CITRIX. Does anyone use RH7 HTML and check in/out or publish via CITRIX? I know that the off site authors will be able to download RH7 client to local pc, but the projects will be stored on the network and checked in and out from a shared drive on network. Not sure if CITRIX will have an issue, don't think logically it would, but I thought I'd ask before I said something that may be off base.

      Projects will be stored in Sharepoint. Will RH7 HTML have any issues with being stored there?
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          darkagn Level 1
          Hi MeWrite,

          Sorry I can't answer your question on CITRIX as I have never used it, but I can offer some insight into SharePoint. By default, SharePoint site will refuse the upload of a chm file due to the fact that chm files are executables and this can lead to security and antivirus issues. This I believe is the same reason why a chm file cannot be opened across a LAN network connection. A SharePoint Administrator is able to override this default setting but it is certainly not recommended.

          I must admit that I have not tried to upload an entire project to a SharePoint site, but it could be that several other file extensions will also be disallowed by default. In SharePoint 2007 there are over 90 file extensions that are blocked by default. Another factor to possibly consider is the size of your project - most SharePoint sites have quotas on uploads of files so it might pay to check with a SharePoint Administrator.

          Hope this has helped,