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    InDesign Crashing, Can't export PDF. Please help.

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      I recently converted a 70+ document InDesign book project from CS 5.5 to CS6. I've also transitioned over to a new computer, being sure that all my plugins are the same on both computers. Somewhere along the way, I stopped being able to export a PDF of this particular book.


      I've tried everything I know to do:

      • Deleted preference
      • Deleted InDesign caches
      • Exported all files from INDD to IDML, and then back again.
      • Converted all cross references to DTP Tool x-ref Pro.
      • Created a new book file and moved all my fresh INDD files there.
      • Exported just a few documents at a time.
      • Tried exporting with different PDF settings
      • Tried exporting Interactive PDF
      • Tried exporting flattened PDF...


      Sometimes, the book hangs at about 75%, other times, it crashes it I just try to export the first few chapters only. When InDesign locks up at the 75% mark, my entire computer locks up, and I get a gray screen with nothing but the InDesign splash screen. Then I have to force restart. But then I have to normally restart, as whenever I force restart, my external hard drives (where my book is located) become read only.


      I have done everything I know to export a PDF of this book. I don't know what to do... I am desparate. Anyone out there who can take a look at my crash report and interpret it for me?


      I have posted it on paste bin: http://pastebin.com/YmRXqsfc