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    Delete part of shape/layer




      I have this in Elements 11:


      I would like to delete/remove the part of layer/shape 10 there outside of layer/shape9. How do I do that?


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      Jesper Vels

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Probably easiest to make a selection around the green area and press Ctrl+J to place it on its own transparent layer.


          You can then switch off the layers below by clicking on the eye symbols as required.






          I should have said if it’s almost your final deign it is easiest to work on a flattened image re-saved under a new file name (Layer >> Flatten Image) and then make your selection.


          If you intend to make further design changes then you should try a layer mask on layer 10 and paint out the unwanted area with a brush and foreground color set to black. You can switch to white, to correct, if you make a mistake.

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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            Perhaps loading a selection of Shape 9 and then adding a layer mask to Shape 10 would work.

            (Ctrl click on the layer Shape 9 layer thumbnail in the layers panel to get the selection)


            Also, if you move the Shape 9 layer below the shape 10 layer and create a clipping mask, that might work as well.

            (after moving shape 9, make shape 10 the active layer and press Ctrl+G to create the clipping mask)

            (from the menu Layer>Create Clipping Mask)

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              Mark Sand Level 4

              Ctrl-click Shape 9 in the Layers Palette to select just the shape.

              Invert the selection.

              Activate Shape 10 and delete the selection.