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    Expression for offset postion

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I have this expression.


      thisComp.layer("Black Solid 3").effect("Particular")("Position XY")


      Its is simplely a lens flare (cc lens flare) following the position of a particle (particular).


      Particular's emmitter type is box and the actual particle lags behind about 20px.


      I do not want to keyframe because of the amount of key points and the speed of movement.


      Can i add something to the pick-whipped expression that would allow me to offset the position to be slightly behing TCpaticulars position?  -- (if that makes sense)



      flare off.png


      BTW, is there a better flare than cc particle in TC?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to add a value at time method to your expression. This will allow you to add or subtract the value of any property at the current time measured in seconds. For example if I had layer 1 and layer 2 this expression applied to layer 2's position property would make layer 2 follow layer 1 by .5 seconds.


          thisComp.layer("layer 1").position.valueAtTime(time - .5)


          By the way this expression is referenced right in the Expression Language section of the help file. It's on the first page.