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    learning more about the features in PS touch

    david k Level 2

      I was looking at PS touch, maybe for my ipod mini.


      I was hoping to get more of a sense of what the features are, but it seems Adobe has replaced information with hype, giving us the Disney version of what their programs are about.


      I'd like to know more about the features of PS Touch, specifically:


      • I assume I can use layers, but do they have modes such as darken, lighten, overlay, soft light, etc?
      • Can I create masks in these layers, so I have control over which part of the layer is applied to the image?
      • Does the curves tool have more than 3 points to adjust, can you add points as with full PS?
      • If I was working off my camera's memory card hooked up to the iPod mini, can I then do a save as of the image I'm working on, either saving it to the card or my device (in part to create a new image and to also keep the original) ?


      It's very frustrating that this information is not more readily available to us. also, I may have missed it, but i didn't see a link to the forums from the Adobe pages, not under Learning, or about Adobe, or?


      Regards, David

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          In order:


          • Yes, PS Touch uses layer blending modes just like in Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements). It doesn't have *every* blending mode, but the basics (like the ones you listed) are there.
          • The best that I can explain it as far as "masks" in PS Touch goes is that you paint your desired effect onto your image (via the Effects Paint tool). You do not need a mask layer per se as the effect is contained as you paint over the desired area. (You can adjust size, hardness, flow and opacity of the brush in this tool. If you have a tablet with pressure-senstive support, you can control size and opacity as well dynamically like you would with a Wacom graphics tablet connected to a desktop.)
          • You can add/subtract as many points as you want in the Curves adjustment. (There's a general Curves adjustment and one provided under the Effects Paint tool; both use the same interface for options.)
          • I don't think so, as the file system in PS Touch is self-contained (at least under Android; not sure about iOS). When you go to save a project, it's added into the main interface. (You can create folders to manage these projects, btw.) You can then export projects under a desired file type (like PSD or JPEG) locally or to a service like Adobe's own Creative Cloud or Dropbox.