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    Please help regarding capture options for HDV

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      Hi.  I am using Sony HVRa1e and want to capture HDV.  I have set the camera to HDV 1080i.  I use firewire.  Before I have always filmed only SD and captured.  This resulted in avi files about 13 GB per hour.  All fine.  The HDV test I did of about ten minutes captured fine.  Appeared to go into the editing are and be manipulated fine.  So what is my problem?  Well maybe nothing.  It is just that when I looked at the captured file, it was an MPEG and just under 2GB for ten minutes.  I was expecting larger, as DV was 13 GB an hour.  It looked okay, and seemed to work okay.  As I am a bit visually impaired I would not see small quality differences, but customers might!  So, is this normal?  Yes, I did set Premiere to HDV1080i.  I did not see any other quality choices anyway.  With DV I love the full quality avi.  No compression until I am ready to render for DVD.  Perfect!  So why was this HDV smaller in memory size?  Am I losing quality that I could retain?  I dont care how much hard drive files use up, and I have a computer hefty enough to handle things.  SORRY if I have not told you anything important that I should have done.  I usually get told off for this on adobe forum, and from choice stick to the Sony ones as they go easier on me!  No offence meant!  But this is a premiere issue.  I dont know what SDI is.  I use firewire.  Just want the best quality footage to edit from HDV tape.  Oh, when capturing the window did not show the film or play sound, just a few words in several different languages!  But no great peoblem as it played fine in the editing window and the lcd on the camera shows fine.  I did chose 25fps.  Is that correct for HDV from a sony that states 1080i on the screen but nothing about frame rates?  Just trying to give you as much as I can.   I am not skilled on these things technically, I just film and edit.  Thanks again

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My Sony HDV is 1080i 30fps.


          I prefer HDVSplit for capturing:



          Don't be concerned that it is a Beta version.  It's been used by many for years.

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            So, is this normal?


            Yes.  Just keep working.

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              Interesting ...  Why do you prefer it?  I have read a lot about it, all favourable.  I did try it, but it just created a file saying zero bytes!!  I found it quite complex, because you had to install something else as well called ff-something and fiddle with a lot of tabs and stuff, and one of the rows in the tab supposedly showing MP1, MP2 (I think) wasn't even there, I think they were there as separate and you could only pick one.  I did my best however, but just got a zero file.  Someone else had the same problem and wrote on the creative cow forum, and am not sure how it was sorted but very complex.  I am windows 7 by the way.  But what is the advantage for you?  Thanks

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                Oh, and thanks for saying yours is 30fps.  I have had a good look in the manual today and cannot find anything about frame rate.  Only 1080i, so I am not sure.  I am in UK and it is PAL if that is any help.  There is nothing on the menu screens either, just choice of DV, DVCAM and HDV.  Yes, I did make sure play was in HDV as well as record, not set to AUTO and the converter thingy set to OFF.  Thanks

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                  DV and HDV use the same data-rate, 25 Mbps. so for the same duration, the files occupy the same space. One hour of DV is almost 13 GB, one hour of HDV is also almost 13 GB.


                  DV results in an .AVI file with 720 x 576 resolution with intra-frame compression, HDV in an .M2T file with 1440 x 1080 resolution with inter-frame compression. Both are compressed, DV by a factor 5, HDV much more and that is why it uses MPEG2 compression.


                  In PAL country, the framerate of both is 25 fps.


                  Capturing from tape based machines can only be done over firewire. Ingest over HD-SDI can only be done with cameras that have HD-SDI and require a HD-SDI card in the computer as well (SDI = Serial Digital Interface). Ingest with HD-SDI can be done before any compression given the right camera, but requires a data-rate of up to 1.485 Gbps.


                  PR capture does not show images and sound during capture of HDV material (haven't tried it lately with the latest versions, so maybe that has been solved now) and that is why some prefer to use HDVSplit. But since capture is nothing more than a digtal transfer of binary data over a firewire cable, there is no quality loss at all and the value of seeing what is captured is rather moot.

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                    Harm Millaard, thank you so much.  That is EXACTLY the kind of answer that I wanted.  Simple, straightforward, and answering my specific queries in a way I could understand.  Thanks to all who helped as well, but your reply is especially good.  THANKS!