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    CS6 Master Collection installer window does not show




      I'm a student at UC Berkeley and my school has provided free software for us students. I have a Windows XP laptop that I'm trying to install CS6 Master Collection in.


      I have downloaded and installed the Adobe Download Assistant and have no problems with it. I'm able to log in with my Adobe ID and download CS6 Master Collection from there onto my desktop.


      Once the download is finished, when I try to open Set-up.exe, a window pops up saying "Initializing Installer". The green bar loads completely and the pop-up window closes, but then nothing happens. I've searched on the forums and Google and Youtube for help, and I realized that I am supposed to get a new window (shown below). However, once the "Initializing Installer" bar is fully loaded, the pop-up closes and nothing happens.



      I have restarted my laptop several times, and upon startup, did not open any programs or browsers except for the Adobe Download Assistant and Set-up.exe, but the same thing still happens--the window I am supposed to get does not show up. I have even tried downloading the CS6 Master Collection setup files via direct download rather than the Download Assistant, but the same thing happens (so downloading the setup files wasn't the problem).


      Last year I downloaded CS 5.5 Design Premium that my school provided. I've uninstalled 5.5, since I read somewhere in another forum online that I had to uninstall previous Adobe CS programs before installing CS 6 so that I would not mess up any files after installation. So right now, I have neither CS 5.5 nor CS 6. I have the setup files for CS 6 sitting on my desktop, but I'm unable to install anything.


      If someone could help me to get this window to show up so I could properly install CS 6 onto my laptop, that would be really awesome.