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    CS3 prints to dark and then to green?


      Hi, In CS3 I am having trouble getting my prints to match the image on my MacBookPro Monitor.  AT first the prints were coming out to green, so I calibrated my disply/monitor on my MacBook Pro.  It seem to make a slight improvement and I used the Apple calibrating profile.  Tricky to use.  I made some  prints with my Epson 3800 Printer using PS to manage the printing. Still to green.  Then I went over the color settings in my Preferances and followed the guide lines i read in my CS3 for Dummies book. I made some prints which came out 2-3 stops darker, but no green. So then I tried making the prints through the Epson profiles and not photoshop and they came out lighter but way to green.  The printer settngs in Photoshop are: Photoshop manages color; Adobe RGB printer profile, perceptual rendering intent, black point compensation on, color management set to off.  I'm using North American Prepress 2 color setting.  I did not have this problem in the past, but I also did not know how often one shold czalibrate their monitor.  Should I try reinstalling Photoshop or do I need to download any update drivers or profiles?

      Thanks for the help.