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    Surprisingly Poor Performance


      I am trying to decide whether to purchase the Adobe Production Premium CS6 Suite for either Windows or Mac. I have been testing both out with trials and I have to say that I am very surprised at the performance difference between the two. To be totally fair, my Windows PC has better specs than the MacBook Pro I am testing with, however, the disparity I am seeing cannot be attributed to hardware alone.


      The main issue I am having with the MacBook Pro is how long it takes, after opening a project, for my video files to become available and subsequently scrub-able. I have the exact same project loaded in both systems and it takes 9 seconds to reach a total working state in Windows and a full minute more on the MacBook (1:08). It takes additional time on the MacBook before I can scrub through my timeline and get the video to update in realtime. Is this a common issue on the Mac version of Premiere Pro? At this point I can't even imagine going with the suite on OS X.


      All apps and operating systems are fully updated.


      System specs: MacBook Pro MD103LL/A

      • 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Current gen i7
      • 8GB DDR3 RAM; 128GB SSD
      • NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512MB Graphics
      • Mountain Lion 10.8.3
      • Premiere Pro CS6 6.0.2 (latest)


      System specs: Windows PC

      • 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 920 First gen i7
      • 8GB DDR3 RAM; 128GB SSD
      • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580
      • Mountain Lion 10.8.3
      • Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit
      • Premiere Pro CS6 6.0.3 (latest)


      Test video specs: 1 hour in length

      Video: MPEG-4 AVC (High 4.0) 12.1Mbps, 1920x1080p 30fps

      Audio: 216Kbps, 48Khz, 2 channel, AAC


      I know the specs favor the Windows PC, but the different in generating the preview file seems silly. Just be be clear what I am talking about, when I open my Premiere Pro project the Program preview will display "Media Pending" for over a minute before it shows even a frame. It then takes an additional 30-40 seconds before I can scrub through in real time. On the Windows PC this whole process takes 9 seconds.


      Is this really because of the hardware differences or does the Mac version of Premiere Pro really perform this poorly compared to the Windows version? Is there a setting I don't have right on the Mac that will improve this? I have Googled the issue and found a few things the toggle, but none of them has any effect on my issue.


      I'm look for both help and information on this. I want to go with Mac because I use Motion and Garageband, but cannot justify the purchase based on the performance I am getting.

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          shooternz Level 6

          Your own test is probably giving you the answer you require unless some else who has both MAC and PC and has done the same test rocks in here and tells you how to optimise the Mac for  task.


          Personally I would be going with performance for what ever task and application was my priority.  If I needed performance in all those apps...I would work with 2 systems if thats was  going to do the job.  NOt that I would be that happy working dual platforms!


          You will get a PC vs MAc argument from someone here... I am sure but...you have done your own test so its in your hands IMHO

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            sthapns247 Level 1

            Yeah, I know the test is pretty conclusive. I just hope I am doing something wrong and someone will gallop in a white horse and save me!

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              sthapns247 Level 1

              After some more investigation I was able to determine it was the wrapper or container that was giving me the issue. The MP4 file I was using was a re-wrapped .TS file. Using the original .TS file in Premiere Pro on the Mac worked perfectly. Now the question is why is the wrapper so incompatible with the Mac version of Premiere Pro CS6? Also, the .TS file cannot be imported into the Windows version of Premiere Pro, I get an invalid file format error.


              It would be nice if these programs worked consistently across the board. Adobe advertises cross platform workflows, but clearly it is misleading.

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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                sthapns247 wrote:


                It would be nice if these programs worked consistently across the board. Adobe advertises cross platform workflows, but clearly it is misleading.


                Is QuickTime installed on your Windows computer? If not, that can create the problems you describe. You can also try the things suggested in the following FAQ: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4626663#4626663


                As I understand it, your performance issue on Mac might be realted to QuickTime being only 32 bit capable.

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                  sthapns247 Level 1

                  Yes, Quicktime Pro is installed on the Windows machine, but there really is no performance issue on the Windows machine, only an inability to import certain .TS files... Changing the extension to .M2TS allows for importing and the performance is perfect. I seem to be able to import other .TS files that I have, so I am not sure why Premiere likes some but doesn't like others.


                  I suppose the Quicktime 32-bit vs 64-bit makes about as much sense as anything else. However, I'm still not sure why it is only the MP4 that performs slowly, but the same video with a .TS extension works flawlessly.