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    Mac OSX Flash Player "Blocked Plug-In"


      I have continued to get the message "Blocked Plug-In" after downloading latest version of Flash Player. Have Mac OSX 10.7.5,  Safari 6.0.2. By clicking on "blocked plug-in" latest version of Adobe Flash Player is downloaded. I then followed installation instructions and get an indication that installation is complete. After that, when opening the Flash Player, the same message "blocked plug-in" appears. The same message appears when I try to check the version of the installed version of Flash Player using the Adobe Website. Also trying to download from the website results in the same "blocked plug-in" message. This is happening on my wife's computer. On my own computer - identical software - I have seen the same message, but downloading the latest version and installing it fixed the problem. Won't work on this computer. I noticed that a number of Flash Player downloads exist on this computer. Should I delete all of these and uninstall Flash Player and start over? How do I solve this to be able to see Flash videos again?