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    Navigating to a Frame Label

      Hi All,

      I am trying to navigate from one mc to another mc and specifically to a frame labe in the targeted mc.

      The code I have does work in terms of getting to the target mc but I can't get it to go to the mc:

      on (release) {
      _root.pages.gotoAndStop(_root.link = 3);

      I tried this to get to the frame label "multi" but all it does it what the above code does:

      on (release) {
      _root.pages.gotoAndStop(_root.link = 3);

      Can anyone help me on a solution for this?

      Many Thanks,
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          why are you assigning _root.link to be 3 in your goto method? and now that i look at more of your code, i see more screwy things.

          what's the path/name of the movieclip which you want to control and what's the frame label (or variable that contains the label or number) that you want to play.
          • 2. Navigating to a Frame Label
            agree with kglad above, for a button or movie clip, just select it and use a code like mine. this case my frame label is home which you can easily set using script assist if you need to. maybe its mroe complicated than that but i have similar situation and this is how i did it. works great.