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    Batch rename won't keep the extension on some files only

    pintree3 Level 1

      I have all my shrunk (resized to smaller for web) files in a sub folder. I got the idea here somewhere to rename such files by adding " _sm " this way being able to distinguish from the two when doing a search. In batch renaming something strange happened:some files did not keep their extension. How could this be and why? There was also no undo (Why?) so i decided to rename them once again this time replacing the "_sm" with ".jpg" in order to fool Bridge and place the files back to their original names and extensions.

      Anyhow is there a reason why it would not keep the extension on some files while keep it on others? Since it's doing this in batch, therefore processing many files at once there's gotta be a reason why it would not treat all files as equals and I'm thinking that perhaps it has something to do with how I name my files.

      Thank you