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    Fast computer, slow photoshop


      Ok my computer has 10gig of ram and 6 cores and photoshop is struggling to cope with a simple smudge. I checked task manager and I am using 1/3rd of my ram and 50% of my cpu, in fact it has just crashed. The graphics card is an ATI Raedon HD5670 and allocated ram is 90% (8178 gig). If it is struggling to do a task then why do I still have so much spare capacity in my cpu and ram?


      I have been amazed how slow photoshop runs with a fast machine but am I missing something here? what spec should you get if you actually want it to work quickly?


      Note: If the Adobe web designers can read this then the discussion forum is totally illogical. I actually gave up trying to post a question the other day because it was so hard