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    Kiosk application - Need to controller lights (on/off) from Director

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      I have been searching for a solution to a project I am working on. I am
      working on a touchscreen kiosk application that will be displayed in a
      Public Aquarium. This kiosk will display fish, etc. related to a
      particular reef. There is a simulated rock formation and the included
      fish built around the kiosk touchscreen. The plan is that when the touch
      a button, the display will play a video with voice-over (simple) but
      also switch on a spotlight pointed to that specific fish being
      highlighted. There are 12 total in this exhibit. After searching for
      hours for a solution (it seemed simple back in the 80's/90's with basic
      serial device switches..) where I can turn on/off the lights via a
      computer interface (more-over a custom script able to run from within

      The closest I found is the X10 system w/USB device but not sure how will
      can control via lingo/javascript.

      Thank you for your time and consideration - I greatly appreciate any
      advise/support you can provide (as well as any other solutions that
      might address the above.


      Michael Hamstra