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    dynamic datagrid

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      Hey all. I have a datagrid that has it's columns generated dynamically based on whatever columns are in the database. I have no problems retrieving the columns and dynamically creating my datagrid with those columns. My problem arises not with generating the columns but with inserting the data.

      For example, I have an array that has all the columns as well as an array that has my data. The data array is split for each value row by row. So, assuming I have columns id and date with 3 records, the array would go [id, date, id, date, id, date]. Problem is, I cannot figure out how to add each unique array entry JUST to one cell, not the entire row. Is there some way where I can say that each item in an array is just to one cell and not an entire row/column without hard coding the column names beforehand? I really hope this makes sense because I'm stumped!