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    Dragging a single image from mac Preview to InDesign CS6 doesn't work but 2 or more images does?


      I usually take anywhere form 2500 to 5000 photos in any single day's session. Because of this, I need an easy way to sort through them and grab just the one's I need to import to my InDesign "book". I have been using CS3 for years now, and what I always did was open up Preview on my Mac to browse all my days photos. Then when I found a good one, I would simply drag that single image over to my opened InDesign screen and just drop it into a page. I would then go back to Preview and continue this procedure until I had looked through all the days images. I could even drag multiple images over and once I was over InDesign I can just click each image and pop them into various pages with ease. Then I upgraded to CS6 and I've hit a kink in the works. When I drag over a single image to InDesign, before I drop it into the page my mouse pointer looks like 3 tiny paste images (the little rectangle with the folded down upper left corner). If I release my mouse to drop the image into InDesign, it just flys back to Preview and doesn't drop into InDesign. Now if I get 2 or more images from Preview, this process works just like it always did. But 1 single image... never. I've tried holding down command, shift, control, option, and combos of those buttons to see if anything changes and it never does. I always get the mouse icon with 3 little paste icons. In CS3 if I dragged a single image it would only show 1 paste icon and 3 icons if I dragged 2 or more, but not in CS6. Is there a setting I'm missing or a preference? I've tried looking through everything that I can find to no avail. There has to be a way??? Thanks!