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    Spell check won't use US English dictionary

    Laura K. Doul

      I can't get InDesign to use the US English dictionary for a spelling check on one document (it will work on other documents).


      I've tried selecting the English dictionary in oh so many places (Preferences, Character panel, User Dictionary...) over and over, but every time I try to check spelling it comes up with a French Canadian dictionary, so that every word in my document is marked as a spelling error. (For the record, I do not speak any kind of French, and would never have selected the French Canadian dictionary for any reason, and no one else has touched this document.)


      I've tried exporting the document to IDML and opening that as a new file. I've tried trashing the application prefs. I've tried changing the dictionaries when there is no document open.


      Help! There were spelling errors in the last version of this document and the client was seriously unhappy, so I really need to do a spelling check this time around.