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    Size Jitter isn't changeable in Photoshop CS6

    SunJizu Level 1

      Hi, I'm suffering from a very strange thing, about which I can't find any information on Google. Please help me.


      My software information:


      • OS:                      Windows 8 64bit
      • Photoshop:        Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Adobe CS6 Master Collection)


      As you can see from the screenshot below, after checking the "Shape Dynamics", I still can't change anything about "Size Jitter", nor can I change "Roundness Jitter", as they already become grey and not dragable or clickable.


      Under this condition, my drawing tablet can't be pressure-sensitive in Photoshop CS6 64bit, but it can be pressure-sensitive in Photoshop CS6 32bit and other applications.


      Is this problem relavant to my tablet driver or to my Photoshop installation? I am hesitated to reinstall my Photoshop because the whole Master Collection takes quite a long time to complete installation.


      Thanks for any tips or clues provided!!