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    Adobe did it right for F900EXR

    RASouthworth Level 3

      I've always been interested in the FnnnEXR cameras, about the only pocket zooms around with raw capability.  Once I read that Adobe and Fujifilm had jumped into bed together I couldn't resist, pulled the trigger on a F900EXR from Amazon.  Have been shooting with it two days, and still haven't found anything to complain about, and ACR works well with this camera.


      I have it set up whereby EXR mode is essentially P mode except 8mp instead of 16.  The raw file size delivered to ACR is 13mb for the 8mp .raf and 26mb for the 16mp .raf.  Both look good at high ISO, with of course the 8mp version being superior.  I attached an 8mp brick wall shot at ISO 1600, with default ACR sharpening (25,1,25), 0 luminance NR, and 25 color NR.  The OOC jpg shows a very light touch wrt NR, just slightly smoother than this ACR rendering.


      All in all a great little pocket zoom, after two days evaluation.


      Richard Southworth


      RAF 8mp full 4.jpg

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          RASouthworth Level 3

          Apparently that large an image doesn't work so well, at least on my browser.  Here's a 100% crop.


          Richard Southworth


          RAF 8mp crop.jpg

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Thanks for your post.


            Not sure what time of the day it is where you are, so maybe you can't shoot a test shot, but could you photograph a car please?  The edges and smoothness of something like that speak more to me about the quality of the imagery than a brick wall, where noise could be confused with texture.


            I like the way you think re: setting it to deliver (cleaner) 8 MP images.


            Do you know of F900EXR samples online?  Google doesn't turn any up.  I loved this little note on the Fuji site: 





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              RASouthworth Level 3

              No, I couldn't find any sample images either, just had to order the camera and make my own.


              It's after sundown now and very dim, but here's  a quick one at ISO 3200 and 1/12 sec handheld, not too bad for a P&S.  I think this is about the limit for a reasonable image, probably crisper at higher shutter speed.  And I did PP in ACR, higher NR and a few other tweaks.  Low res full image followed by 100% crop.


              Richard Southworth


              Full image.jpg



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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Thanks, that was nice of you.


                The noise isn't bad, and is monochromatic, implying you dialed in a fair bit of color noise reduction in Camera Raw.


                Still, that's impressive performance.  Who, a decade or so ago, would have thought even at web sizes we could have such smooth, clean high ISO imagery from small-imager pocket cameras.  I wonder what it's going to be like in another decade...  See in the dark eyeglasses...