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    Best method to seamlessly swap someone's face in a group photo with their face in another photo?


      A band hired me to do a photoshoot of them and it was my first time shooting a band professionally so I was and still am quite nervous about the photos turning out well, especially since they're a well known group and the pictures will be published in a magazine and spread around a lot and attributed to me.  The issue I'm posting here about is that all of the best shots I got of the group are good except for one member who will either be making a weird expression or has their eyes closed.  I took a lot of photos but I didn't really get any where each member of the group looks good in the same photo; they each look good throughout the set of photos, just not all at once in one photo.  What I'd like to do is replace that member's face in the otherwise good photo with her face from another photo from the shoot where her eyes aren't closed or she has a better expression...but I feel like I'm playing with fire by doing this since I really don't want it to be obvious that I photoshopped it in any way, either to the band or anyone who views the photos later on.


      I'm decent with Photoshop but I'd still like to know what the best method of doing this would be so that it looks as natural/unaltered as possible.  Any suggestions?


      Also, the photos I'd be switching the faces in were mostly shot from the same angle and with the same lighting and exposure but a few were shot from slightly different angles or the exposure is slightly different, which makes it more difficult.  If, for example, due to flash settings the photo I'm trying to paste a face into (let's call it Photo A) is slightly brighter than the photo I'm trying to copy the face from (Photo B), what's the best way to merge/adjust the two so that the brightness levels in Photo A and the layer from Photo B are as similar as possible?


      (I'm using PS CS6)

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Ideally, if you have several shots from the same place, with that band member's head in a similar angle, you could do something like this:


          1.  Choose the Polygonal lasso tool.


          2.  Set it to feather a few pixels.


          3.  Select around the facial features in the image with the good face.


          4.  Paste the good face on the otherwise good background and move it into position over the bad face.


          5.  Set it to be partially transparent to help you align it.  Use Edit - Free Transform to rotate or scale it if it's off a little.


          6.  Make it fully opaque, and use Curves, etc. to perfectly match the exposure, if it's off a little.


          Clearly you can do this with the mouth, eyes, whole face, etc.