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    Lightroom 4 and Premier Elements 11

    whsprague Adobe Community Professional

      I discovered an amazing to me feature.


      Lightroom 4 added some video tools aimed at DSLR owners, but compared to PrE the editing is really weak.  However....


      By accident I discovered that AVCHD video thumbnails in Lightroom move!  It takes a few moments for all the previews to load, but then you can scrub the mouse pointer across the thumbnail and see the entire contents of the clip.  There is no need to play it in a monitor window and you can make the thumbnails big or small  You can mark the clips as Picked or Rejected. 


      Since I like working a project in its own folder with clip copies, the next step is to select the Picks and Export as Original to a new folder for the project.  Open a new project in PrE and add all the media in the new folder. 


      If you want to save disk space you can select all the rejects and delete them in a batch.


      This will save me hours, if not days, finding video clips I want to use from various trips.  Nowhere else have I seen "motion" thumbnail previews.


      Granted, Lightroom is $125 and PrE about $80, but getting to the fun stuff quickly makes my day!