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    Premiere Pro CS6 crashes when importing a 4K video




      Premiere Pro CS6 crashes, when i import a 4K video.


      I have the right sequence settings because i tried the same thing in After Effects CS6 and it worked fine. Also the video files that i use are fine, because i tried it on another pc and they worked...


      Also Premiere only crashes when the video-files are larger than 1080p, i scaled the 4K videos down to 1080 and they worked.


      Also the crashes are not depending on the codec i use, i tried different codecs like H264 or ProRes, everything crashed, when the video-files were larger than 1080p, but 1080p or less worked fine.


      Premiere says :


      "sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premiere Pro to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project"


      I tried to create a new project, used many sequence-settings, deleted Cashes and everything, re-installed Premiere with using Adobes cleaner tool and much more...



      Does anybody have an idea or tipp that could help me ?

      I´m working on an 2011 i5 iMac and an external Hard Drive for my Videos.



      The Videos files once worked in Premiere Pro on my Mac, and i changed nothing on them, and now they don´t work...

      The only thing that could´ve changed are the settings on my mac or in Premiere Pro, but i don´t know what could cause this...




      Johannes Knecht