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    Shifting sound track level; snaps  back

    mikecox_ Level 1

      First, I note the there is a Photohosp Elemenats seciont but no, apparent, Premiere Elements section.  I'm wondering why that is and if it's ok to post Elements quesions in the Pro section; since there is no Elemenst section.


      Here's my question.  I want to move the sound level line; in the timeline, up a notch or two, and have successfully managed to do so, for 3 our of 6 of the clips.  The problem is that when I reach the 4th clip I can make the line move up, but it snaps right back down when I realease the mouse button.  That's never happened  before;  but I've never played that much with the option before.


      The work-around was to Group all the segments and increase the gain.


      What's the secret to changing all the levels, in all the clips, on the timeline?