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    Cuda problem




      I have bought a GTX660, to get advantage of the Cuda acceleration.

      I installed the card and downloaded the latest nvidia drivers; I also updated premiere to CS6 with latest update and hacked the .txt by adding my card.

      Premiere recognize the card and enables me to go with the GPU acceleration, but I see little to no improvements in terms of rendering speed and playback.

      I've tried to render a 15sec DSLR clip (with some basic color correction). It takes 1:14 with the GPU on, 1:18 with software only; playback is sloppy in both modes.


      My system:


      - ASUS P5QC

      - Q9550

      - 4x2GB DDR 800

      - GTX 660


      My OS and programs are on a SSD, media and project on other hard drives.

      What am I doing wrong?