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    Upgrading from CS3 - Need advice

    GeoBear Level 1

      Wow, I've been wanting to upgrade from Creative Suite 3 for a long time now but just couldn't afford it. I just now discovered that Adobe is now limiting people to two choices - buy each software program individually or subscribe to Creative Suite Cloud for $50 a month.


      That actually doesn't sound too bad, but I started a chat session and learned that I can subscribe for $30 a month. That sounds awesome!


      I'm already sold, but I like to do my homework before I take a plunge. Is there any fine print I should be aware of? Can they jack up the price after a year?


      If I go for it, I assume I can just install the new software on top of CS3, right? (I'm on a MacBook Pro, by the way.)


      I remember there was a lot of grousing about Adobe's cutthroat prices a year or two ago, but $30 a month for all that software sounds pretty good to me. Are most people in agreement there?


      Thanks for any tips - and again, I'd like to hear about any details or negatives I should be aware of.

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          GeoBear Level 1

          I just discovered an interesting thread @ http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1185886?tstart=0


          Am I to understand that if I upgrade to CS6, I'll have to move all my websites to a different folder? I'm using MAMP to power my sites, so it sounds like I may have to make some adjustments there?

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            BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            No, that is not what the OP stated. He has moved from a windows system to a Mac machine.


            Normally the websites on your local system are placed in a folder outside of DW. In my case I have placed the websites within a wamp server. This will not change even if you, like I, have four different versions of DW on your machine.

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              GeoBear Level 1

              I just discovered the fine print - after the first year, the subscription price changes to $50 a month. But that still sounds OK to me.

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                David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

                The other part of the fine print is that the software stops working if you stop paying. Although you install the software on your local machine (up to two machines, in fact), it needs to connect to the internet once a month to make sure your subscription is up to date.


                As long as you understand that it's a subscription service and you are happy with the price, go for it.

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                  Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I've been happy with the Cloud.  As you say, 17  products for $30/mo for the first year is a bargain.  And you get all the minor and major upgrades as soon as they roll out.


                  Perpectual licenses do NOT receive major upgrades.  This can be confusing to people because the CS6 that I have today  is different from the CS6 that perpetual license users have.  


                  Cloud DW's insert menus changed quite a bit.  Some things were removed & new things were added.



                  Some Cloud products are 64-bit only.  If your hardware isn't 64-bit, you won't have access to all the products.  Check the technical specs for the products you intend to use.




                  Nancy O.

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                    David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

                    I don't think there's any doubt that the Creative Cloud is a bargain for someone who uses several pieces of the Creative Suite on a daily basis. It's also essential for anyone who needs to have the latest version of the software.


                    What is important to realize is that it is a subscription service. If you decide to stop paying, as with any other subscription service, you cease to have access to any of its features.


                    This is a major difference from the previous model, where you bought a perpetual licence, which entitled you to use the software forever without any extra payment. But with a perpetual licence, you get no free upgrades.


                    As long as people understand what they're paying for, they can choose whichever method suits their needs. For the casual user, a perpetual licence might be the better choice. No upgrades, but the software keeps working (as long as it remains compatible with your operating system). For the professional who needs the latest version without needing to wait, a subscription to the Creative Cloud almost certainly makes more sense.


                    I have a Creative Cloud subscription. It's the right choice for me. But it might not be for everyone. As long as you know what it is you're buying, you should be in a position to make the best choice for your own circumstances.

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