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    Mysterious text boxes

    ceilr Newcomer

      I am sure I pressed something on the keyboard by accident, and I hope someone can explain to me how to make text boxes look normal again.


      On one page in my forthcoming book, when I click on any text box there, a dashed box appears around it, as if it's been grouped.  I've just now discovered that a solid-line box appears around each LINE of type, and there is no way to edit the type line (not that I want to, but the cursor doesn't even show).


      I can retype everything, because there isn't much on the page, but:

           what does all of this mean?

           how did I get there?  (I love keystroke commands, btw) and

           is there a way to get rid of all of this?



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          BobLevine Legend

          Screenshot please.

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            ceilr Newcomer

            Need instructions on how to do that, because I don't know how.  When I press what I >think< is the screenshot key, I get four choices.  I don't know which one to choose, or what to do after that.

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              Steve Werner Mythic

              Which operating system are you running?

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                ceilr Newcomer

                Windows 7, with CS5

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                  Peter Spier Legend

                  It sounds to me like you converted the text to outlines accidentally. That would happen if you have a text frame selected and press Ctrl + Shift + O. Unless you are in a position to step backwards using Undo, you're in trouble.

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                    BobLevine Legend

                    That dashed box around the frame wouldn't indicate that to me. If it was a thick dash, it could be converted to a button or an MSO.



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                      Peter Spier Legend

                      Outlined Text.png

                      This is a group of three individual frames that contain outlined text reulting from selecting the original text frame and converting to outlines. I think it matches the ceilr's description exactly...

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                        BobLevine Legend

                        I guess I should go stand in the corner?



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                          Peter Spier Legend

                          Nah. It's too nice outside.


                          But try not to overthink. It's not that hard to imagine hitting Crtl/Shift/O accidentally, especially with thick fingers like mine, but I don't believe there are default KB shortcuts for buttons or MSOs, so it would be pretty hard to make those accidentally.

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                            Ellis home Champion

                            An easy way to get a screenshot in Windows:


                            1 Go to Start (the window icon at the bottom left corner of the screen)

                            2) Type Snipping

                            3)You'll see the Snipping Tool appear on top - click on it

                            4) Your screen will turn opaque and your mouse cursor will turn into a cross.

                            5) Select with your mouse your whole screen (click and hold on the upper left corner and go all the way to the bottom right corner, then release the mouse)

                            6) Save the file to your desktop

                            7) Post file

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                              ceilr Newcomer

                              OK, gentlemen, I know how it happened:


                              I discovered from looking at the View menu that I could press Ctrl-Alt-ZERO to view the entire spread in an instant, instead of pressing Ctrl-minus.  But I couldn't tell the first time I did that whether I needed to press the letter "O" or zero, and I pressed "O".  Nothing happened, or so I thought.  So I went ahead and tried again with zero, and the spread shrank to fit the screen.  But I was unaware that something else had happened, and didn't know there was anything to undo!


                              I've already retyped one of the text boxes; there are three on the page and they're small.  So I'll just retype the other ones.  No harm done, and I promise I'll be careful with "O" and zero!



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                                ceilr Newcomer

                                It happened again, I know not how, but I have a very easy solution(!!!):


                                Click on the text frame >before< the frozen frame, then double click on the blue "arrow" in its right bottom corner to empty all text in succeeding frames (all your text is still intact, waiting to be dumped back in).


                                Now the empty text frame that held the frozen text.can be clicked on and deleted (magically, this unfreezes the text you couldn't edit).


                                Click on the red + at the bottom of the last full text frame, then click in the area on the page where you want a new text frame to go.  A new text frame appears with text that can be edited.  Adjust the text frame size.


                                Click on the red + at the bottom of this latest text frame, then click inside the first empty frame.  Your text returns to ALL empty text frames.


                                I only wish I had found all this out BEFORE I retyped the frozen text!  But at least I found out, and had to share it here right away.