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    Blu-ray Error - Code 6


      Jeff I NEED your help!!!! I have read all they say about you and your accurate answers when being attacked my many lol.


      I´m trying to build a Bluray project and it marks no errors when checking it but then after a while building the iso image i get this :

      Blu-ray error:File already exists",Code:"6", Note:Video buffer underflows. Total bitrate is too high near time...

      I have imported all again and again and still get the same. Let me mention that I am not a pro so I´m sure i did something wrong, but i don´t know what.

      I hope ypu can help me. I am using m4v´s and wav´s for my movies exported from pro cs6 and using pre designed menus from Pro motion. I have no problem when building a dvd following their steps in their tutorials but when it comes to bluray...I can just kick myself. I´ve been doing this for 2 weeks now and ran out of options.


      Please help, and thanks in advance!!