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    Advice on how to animate Illustrator vector shapes?

    oohtruck Level 1

      i'm pretty new to animating in After Effects. One project i'm working on is simulating keys being pressed on a piano keyboard. I'm wondering what the best way to do this would be.


      This is the before state:



      This would be the after:


      I've imported the Illustrator vector layers into After Effects and now i'm just kind of stuck. How would I actually animate these vector objects? In Flash it'd be relatively easy, I could just grab the shape and pull it down... this isn't the case in AE though. Do I need these vector elements to be shape layers in order to manipulate them as I would in Flash? If so, I'm using AE 5.5, and I don't know how to convert AI vectors to AE shape layers. Any advice out there?


      thank you!