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    Hanging indents for bulleted lists in Robohelp X misalinged

    csloyer Level 1

      I've been using Robohelp WebHelp (working directly in the WYSIWIG editor) for a number of years and am suddenly having an issue with hanging indents for bulleted lists.

      I have always used the built in bullet feature of the WYSIWIG editer to create my bulleted and numbered lists. No different on my latest project.

      Anyway, my bulleted lists look perfect in the editer but are misalinged when I publish to WebHelp (I'm running IE 6 locally). To be specific they are inline with the rest of the text. I have double-checked the formatting of these lists, with bulleted lists I've created earlier and there are no differences. Furthermore, my old projects still seem to generate properly. I've tried adjusting the padding and etc... No luck. Another weird thing, I can't seem to use the ruler to manually adjust the indents.. Any ideas?