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    ELEMENT 3D ram preview error!


      Hello guys!! i gotta problem wit 'Element 3D v1.6'window version.

      when im animated E3D and then trynna 'Ram preview' in that case

      i gotta error message like below,



      'element has encountered an unrecoverable error'



      'after effect warning: a frame failed to render while using render multiple frames simultaneously. allocating more memory to the background processes in Memory & Multiprocessing preferences may fix this problem.'



      but im  did it everythin in M&M preference



      and this error only Rampreviewing wit E3D, anything is cool



      My issue is Few days ago Upgrade VGA card n Driver

      and Element3D v1.6 update



      Plz somebody save me~

      SUPA THX yall!!




      windows 7 ultimate K service pack 1 /64Bit

      Intel i7-3770 @ 3.40Ghz  3.90Ghz

      32Gb RAM

      Quadro 6000

      AE CS6



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