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    Style sheets attached to imported or added FM files (RH7)

      This pertains to importing or adding (in the enhanced version) files from FM 8 into RH 7. When the Framemaker files are added or imported, stylesheets are created for each imported file. However, in addition to styles they create specifically for the FM file, they do not contain all of the other style information that may be used for the rest of the webhelp. For example, I have styles that control the appearance of links that are not included in the generated css. What are the options for getting this style info included? I'm having trouble thinking of good solutions. Here are some, none of which I like...

      1. Manually edit the generated css files... Cons to this approach is that this will have to be done every time the FM files are updated, as updates regenerate the css files. It also could involve editing tens or hundreds of files, depending on how many pages are imported. You can specify after editing that the css files not change when imports are done, but this could cause problems if you add a new style to the FM page you are updating, as the new style mapping will not be included in the generated css.

      2. Manually edit the FM-sourced topic files to link to an additional style sheet (as in a master style sheet) - same cons as #1

      3. Edit the html files after generating the webhelp to include a line or lines to link to an additional style sheet with the missing styles. This seems like the best solution... I guess I can do a global search and replace for </title> in the html and add the extra lines to the html files that way.

      Is there a better way? I have been searching through the project source files and can't seem to find anything that controls this behavior. (There aslo doesn't seem to be any way to map any particular FM style to a RH style that would cause <a> link style to be included in the generated css.)