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    Recording Ctrl + Alt + Del Security Screen


      I'm trying to create a "How to change your Windows Password" tutorial for my school district using Captivate 2, and I can't get Captivate to record video or take screen captures of the Windows "Ctrl + Alt + Del" Security screens. Any input? I also tried using the standard Print Screen button and Ctrl + Print Screen and Alt + Print Screen - no dice.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Vaughn-GAPS and welcome to our community

          Are you able to capture the screen otherwise? As in using something like SnagIt? Or perhaps manually using Alt+Print Screen, then pasting the result into Captivate after you get back into Windows? If so, perhaps you simply need to capture that way and build the presentation via a few screen captures.

          You may also find the following link helpful: Click here

          Just a thought... Rick