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    Problem Compiling WebHelp and FlashHelp

    Dave McGovern Level 1
      I was having problems compiling both WebHelp and FlashHelp (builds were failing immediately with these errors (XP, RH X5):

      Template Error: can not resolve macro: RegisterResolvers

      Fatal Error: Cannot run macro: RegisterResolvers in compilation script.
      Template Error: can not resolve macro: WH_HOME_HTM

      I searched these forums, and found out that reinstalling RoboHelp using my own profile with full admin rights was required. I did that yesterday, and while I still had admin authority, I could compile both WebHelp and FlashHelp with no problem. But now my IT dept has removed my admin rights, and I can no longer compile WebHelp/FlashHelp.

      Is there another step that I may have missed? Is this still an issue in RH7?