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    pasted image coordinates

    Turner Design Agency Level 1

      Hi, one thing has irritated me with Fireworks for some time - where fireworks chooses to place a pasted bitmap or vector, for example; I [shift] + [PrtSc] to take a screen shot, then [Ctrl]+ V to paste it into an open Fireworks file - it always pastes the image at X= -142  &  Y=-176.


      is there a way to set Fireworks to paste at X=0 & Y=0?

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          groove25 Level 4

          And that happens no matter what size Fireworks document you're using? That's odd. If this is a recent thing, perhaps clearing the clipboard could somehow help.


          I'm on a Mac and find that pasted items are placed at 0,0 if they were copied to the clipboard from another application or as a screenshot. If the item is copied from within Fireworks, it pastes at the original X/Y location.


          Of course, if you import a bitmap, you can choose exactly where to place the item using the cursor.