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    Exporting PAL SD Widescreen to H264 BluRay CS6 bug


      Whatever media I use in Premiere Pro, If I try to export it to Media Encoder using PAL SD Widescreen settings (720 x 576, 25fps, 16:9), the resulting .m4v file turns out 4:3 format when imported into Encore.  Curiously,  the Encoder preview window suggests it has noted the widescreen setting.  This problem did not occur in CS<6 and does not occur if using NTSC.

      You can interpret the media as Widescreen once in Encore but then Encore re-encodes all the files and there seems to be some sort of penalty as the subsequent Blu-ray disc will not hold the same amount of data.

      I have reported this as a bug but have had no response and as yet there has been no fix in updates.

      I am going to have to uninstall CS6 if I can't get a solution to this.   Thanks.