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    Can't find TOC Composer in RH 7 HTML

      Greetings, all.

      I'm a newbie to RoboHelp altogether, but I've got plenty of documentation. I'm trying to add a new book, but I cannot find a TOC composer, or anything like it anywhere in the UI. Am I hallucinating? I'm using RH7 HTML. I'm able to add a new topic, and create a new folder for it, but when I compile and generate output there's no new book for the topic.


      Thank you!

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          lmarden Level 2
          Easy! In the left pane, where you see all your topics, there are 4 icons (tiny, but there) at the top of the list. One, when you hover over it, says Toggle Project Manager View. It's the first icon, a folder with a blue something in front of it. Click on it, and you'll see the TOC item on the collapsed menu. Right -Click on TOC, to add a new one, or if there is one there already, double click on it to expand the TOC in a new pane that opens up in the middle.

          Holler if you need more help.
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            lmarden Level 2
            You can save a little time with the Auto Create TOC feature - have you found that? Rather than maintaining your TOC as you create topics, let the Auto Create duplicate your folder / topic structure and then edit it as necessary (change chapter titles, attach topics to section titles, remove unwanted topics and sections, etc.) I always find it is easier to take away than to start from scratch.