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    Changing the drive path of the links folder between different machines.


      I'm working with inDesign CS4 for layout of two monthly magazines. The publisher sends a "blank" to me, including links...80 pages with ads already placed. I place content with new graphics, etc., iknt he links folder and send it back. The links file comes from the publisher's machine, which is a different Drive than mine, so I have 205 missing links even though I have thel inks file. Changing 205 missing links , one at a time is not an option, especially when the links folder also has a bunch of individual folders from various advertisers.

      All I want to do is be able to change the path of the lnks folder location when the project is on my machine, from Drive :G to Drive :F , and inform the publisher how to change the links folder back to his Drive :G when I send the whole show back.  There must be an easy way to do this, but I can't find it in this forum. Any help would be appreciated.




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You should be able to use the "Relink to Folder" command from the Links panel menu, but there'se something really broken in the workflow here, I think.


          If the publisher thinks you need the links, they should be packaging the file and updating the links in the package when they do it. ID should then find them automatically (in fact, if the links are in the folder or subfolder withthe ID file, thay should be found even if they are not updated to point to that folder if they are not in the location specified in the file).


          More importanly though, if you are adding content, not working with the links, why does it matter to you that they are missing or out of date?

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            thomas olbrich Level 1

            @ Kasyan, the script you linked above is what I am looking for, too – unfortunately for Mac. I found your  Java script "Change Paths of Links" < http://forums.adobe.com/message/3596234 > but this script needs a file name to work; if I try to find/replace a folder path or even volume path only it says: "Nothing has been relinked".


            So I wonder if you would have a merge of those two scripts: the functionality to change a path partially (without file name) combined with the ability to enter a path text (instead of single volume letters for windows).


            Additionally it would need to change the path ONLY for those files which are marked as missing in InDesigns links panel  – otherwise even NOT-missed files with f.i.  same server name will get missed after running the script. 


            In our workflow it happens that the IT dept. moves some particular projekt folders to an archiv server – whereas most folders stay at their place. That means that some links in InDesign still work while others from this same server don't work anymore.


            Thanks a lot in advance!



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