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    Dreamweaver fails to update Site.master with template changes


      I'm trying to blend a Dreamweaver site and an existing ASP.Net MVC 3 site.  I'm using the ASPX engine for the time being.

      I have been successful in creating a Site.master.html file, and inside the instance areas, "InstanceBeginEditable", I just added "<asp:ContentPlaceholder>" decorations:

      <html><!-- InstanceBegin template="/Templates/Main.dwt" codeOutsideHTMLIsLocked="false" -->
      <head runat="server">
      <!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="doctitle" -->
      <title>Untitled Document</title>
      <!-- InstanceEndEditable -->
      <!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="head" --><asp:ContentPlaceholder runat="server" id="head"></asp:ContentPlaceholder>
      <!-- InstanceEndEditable -->
      <div id="mainContent">
      <!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="MainContent" --><asp:ContentPlaceholder runat="server" id="PH1">
          <p>this is main</p>
          <p>content here</p>
      </asp:ContentPlaceholder><!-- InstanceEndEditable -->
      <!-- InstanceEnd --></html>


      Of note, there's that ASP.Net runtime requirement where it needs the "<head>" element to have "runat=server" added to it.  You can do that just fine and it'll get emitted as basically an ignorable attribute on the head element if an HTML page.


      My problem is that because Site.master doesn't end with ".html" (it ends with ".master") the template updating function seems to ignore it.  If I make an exact copy into Site.master.html it works fine, but then creates that "extra manual step" before being able to deploy properly.


      This obviously looks like a bug in the updating engine.