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    Embed font source problem?

      hi =)

      recently, i was trying to embed fonts into my flex app... so, i followed the normal procedure:

      src:url(" [ path here ] ");
      fontFamily: "myfont";

      but, irregardless of me putting this code within the mxml or the stylesheet, the "src:url" just would not accept relative paths to the font... in my case, it only works if i put the absolute path... and, yes, the relative paths i placed were correct... however, it's always telling me this : " unable to resolve 'font_name' for transcoding" . i checked the official site on how to troubleshoot this and all they tell is to basically check if the path is correct... and i am very sure my paths were correct and that the font does exist in that path...

      what am i doing wrong? thanks in advance for replies!