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    Postscript Drivers for Win 7


      I am using Pagemaker 7. I know it's not state of the art but I am pretty expert with it. I've successfully moved it to a new PC but can't find a Postscript Driver that works with Windows 7 or 8. The free download won't work because the Windows software rejects it. Are there any postscript drivers that are 'safe' with Windows 7?

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          The Popular Discussion sidebar in the main page of this forum has a link to this thread, that contains detailed instructions for earlier versions of Windows:




          Don't know if this works with Windows 7 or 8; my bet is that it doesn't because many people cannot even install PM under such modern OSs. There are several posts, though, that report successful installations of PM in the newer OSs, but I have yet to see detailed, reliable and repeatable instructions on how to achieve such a miracle.

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            BigJohnD Level 3

            Forget it - you may get it to work if you have a suitable version of Acrobat. Remember PM was pronounced dead in 2004.


            1. PM7 on Win7 or 8 is a disaster waiting to happen.


            2. The Postscript driver is now part of the Windows OS.