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    Camera timecode from Canon XH-A1 preserved in video file?

    DaveTrayers Level 1

      I've searched and couldn't find a clear answer.


      I shoot with a Canon XF100 and the camera timecode setting is set to Free Run.  I sync all my cameras at the start of the shoot. When I bring the video into PrPro CS6 the timecode of the video in the sequence is the timecode recorded by the camera.  It works great, and I can easily sync the video clips by time code.


      My question is video from a HDV format camera, specifically the XH-A1.  I have a shoot coming up in a month or so where I'll be using the services of another videographer, and he uses the XH-A1 cameras.  When I shot with an XL2, the file format was a SD AVI file and it did NOT recognize the timecode of the video from the camera.  It just started with 00;00;00;00.


      Now, it could be that back then I was using CS3 and that was the issue, or maybe it was the DV format.


      Regardless, I would really like to have the videographer set his cameras to free run, sync them at the beginning, and deliver video with the time code intact.  It will make it so much easier for me to do the multicam edits.  The problem is, he's a good camera man, but a little new at post production and I'm going to have to give him some guidance.

      So, first part of the question is if it's possible to import video from a XH-A1 and preserve the camera time code?  If so, does it just work natively with CS6, or is there a better technique?