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    Epad-ink Problems



      Just bouth 4  EPAD-ink  machines.  This is my 4th time purchasing Electronic Signature Devices for our company in the past 2 months.

      I am new with this entire electronic signature thing.. / I've sent back quite a few Epad Devices these past 2 months because I can't seem to get them to function, other than Lighting-up after plugged in to a USB port.


      Our company does service work from our vans , and we'd like to have our PDF documents signed with  these new electronic machines.



      I Simply Cannot get these things to work  when I click SIGN on a typical Adobe file. / These EPADink  devices Only Lightup when they are first plugged-in.



      Basically, I'm Ready to send back All 4 of these EPAD-ink devices, because I cannot seem to make them work. /  I've downloaded ALL the recommended software from EPADink website./ But Only the Test Function Works, Lights-Up, then Shuts-Off ..


      Our laptops are Windows 7 Starter, 32 BIT Atom Processors.



      Anyone have any ideas how these EPADink  actually work?  or.. what else might I need to Make these work ?  More software?  Plugins.?  I'm Outta Ideas.

      Ron M