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    Wrap text around video player

    parker lambert

      I wanted to wrap text arond an FLV player. I floated the player left, and the text wrapped as hoped, except that I wanted it to wrap over the top too, with the player embedded in the text. But when I would move the player down, it left a blank zone over the top-- the text would not fall in over the top, leaving a nice big white area. Nothing semed to work-- tweaking positioning, margins, clearing floats, nothing. Then I remembered reading in these discussions about inserting the image in the text close to where you want to position it. So I went into Code View and put the cursor right in the middle of a paragraph (see screen shot), and pasted-in the FLV player. That worked.


      So I thought I'd post this in case (1) it would help anyone else, or (2) what I did was completely wrong even tho it worked, and someone more knowledgeable than me can tell me how a real webmaster would do it! (DW CS6-- also thx to rikeripsum.com)Text_wrap.jpg