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    Image rollover with image maps ISSUES!


      Okay its obvious I am gunna have to break down and use EA instead of flash ! But please tell me if I can do with it what I want. I am using dreamweaver CS6 to build my website, and now that more and more devices dont support FLASH I have to find a way to get my content out there using DW and lets try EA. and i have a lot to do BUT first and yes I have brought this up in the Dreamweaver forum.


      PLEASE VISIT the page in question




      I have one large graphic below the intro and the 3 large nav buttons. I want to do an image swap with a mouse over on the one large graphic BUT once that happens I want an IMAGE MAP with 12 separate LINKS to work FOR/ON the image that was/is swapped.


      If you give it a whirl you will see the problem.



      AT the top the image will swap and thats cool BUT once you go over the IMAGE map area it reverts BACK to the original image.



      Can I pull this off in EA?


      Please free to contact me at