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    Shockwave Player not working


      I'm trying to work on homework online using the Pearson/Mastering website. It uses the Shockwave player to display movies, however, it's not loading for me. The player just says "Adobe Shockwave" with an empty loading bar and black background. I kept getting error messages regarding Shockwave Director (not sure what that is), so I uninstalled/reinstalled it and the normal Shockwave to no avail. Now I don't even get error messages.


      I have Shockwave Player 12.0 (in add/remove programs), the Shockwave Flash 11.6 plugin, and the Shockwave for Director 12.0 plugin. I'm using Aurora 22.0 as my browser on Windows 8. Also, on the Adobe website where it tests Shockwave for you - the movies load just fine on there. Flash player seems to be working fine as well.


      Edit: I'm having the same issue on another laptop. It seems to be related to Shockwave for Director..?




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          pwillener Level 8

          Is Aurora a 32-bit or 64-bit browser?  The Shockwave Player plugin is for 32-bit browsers only.


          P.S. the Shockwave Player forum is http://forums.adobe.com/community/shockwave

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            urbancowgurl777 Level 1

            Ah, thanks. I couldn't find the forum for shockwave in the list...


            It's 64-bit. I did read somewhere that Shockwave was for 32 only, but then how do I fix this? I kept getting missing plugin messages telling me to install Shockwave/Director/whatever. I never had this problem before on Aurora or Firefox. Like I said, I tried it on another computer and got the same issue (I used either Firefox or Aurora, can't remember which (Aurora is a Firefox beta browser, not all that different)), and I tried it on Firefox on a mac as well.


            When I tried it on the mac, the little lock screen came up saying to install missing plugins, but when I clicked to check for plugins, a window came up saying that no plugins could be found (then why is it telling me to install it if it doesn't exist?).

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              urbancowgurl777 Level 1

              I have tried to run the Shockwave player activity on IE - it also doesn't work. I asked my professor in class and we tried it on the school computer and it worked fine. However, another student was having the same problem on her mac (where it tells you to install the missing plugin but then says no plugin could be found to install). I thought it might be limited to Firefox but lo and behold, it's IE too...



              EDIT: Moved discussion to the appropriate forum here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1191174