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    ID adobe digital additions


      I have accidently clicked the "no ID"for adobe digital additions and now I need to know how to correct that so that I can transfer ebooks to my kobo

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          sjpt Level 4

          You need to hit 'ctrl-shift-D' while in ADE (cmd-shift-D on Mac), which will dissociate the 'anonymous' ID for ADE, that it used when you clicked the 'no ID'

          Then restart ADE, and you should be able to register a proper AdobeID.


          Be warned that any DRM books that are associated with the old anonymous ID will no longer be readable after that ctrl-shift-D dissociation;

          and unless you do very careful backup you won't be able to get the anonymous ID back to switch between it and your real ID.

          If you have any such books, DRM stripping is the only way I know that will work without rebuying/reborrowing: best done before you do the dissociation.

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            Lesidhe Level 1

            Thank you.


            working like a charm