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    Help with recoloring clothing (hair problem)


      Please help!  I'm driving myself crazy on this project.  The goal  is take a single image example help.jpg

      like the one attached (its a full image that inludes the entire dress and models face, cropped here so I could show the area I'm having trouble with.) and create a series of images that show the dress in different colors. In most of the images, the models hair is up, but in a few it's down around her shoulders.  When I try and change the dress to a darker or lighter color , the transition area between the hair and dress becomes a complete mess.  For example in the attached images, when I mask the dress I can change the dress color easily enough to one that is darker / related hue, or to a color that is somewhat similar in tonal value but the lighter I go (or darker when I'm starting with a light dress) the transition between the hair and dress looks terrible.  To far in and the light hair begins to glow, to far out and there is an obvious fringe from the original dress color. Would brushing the stray hairs and

      the out focus ends with a softer brush help? I've tied different masking techniques but the end result is always the same.  Is it possible to get a clean mask on the hair in the attached so that it looks as decent on a white dress as it does on a black dress?  Should I just retouch then image and remove all the flyaway hair before I start to recolor?  Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!