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    How do I set up for online ordering?

    alexdejesus Level 1

      I am brand new to FormsCentral, so forgive me if you have seen this question a thousand times. I am a videographer and I recently filmed a bodybuilding contest. I need to find a way for the contestants to purchase DVDs of the show as well as downloadable clips of their solo performances. I suppose I can modify one of the template forms, but not sure which is closest to what I need.


      Will someone lead me to a tutorial or something that will show me how to add the order form to my website, and what would be the normal workflow for the entire process. I need to integrate Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, PayPal, and Adobe SendNow to interact with my customers. I currently have a basic website with the usual pages, and a gallery of YouTube videos. I have no ordering capability on my website. I am considering using Adobe Muse to redisign it.